Legend: - Cpu=Central Processing Unit

-Gpu=Graphics Processing Unit

-Ram=Random Access Memory

-Hdd=Hard Disk Drive


-Psu=Power Supply Unit

How to build a computer


How do i start to build one?

First you want to buy all the stuff required to build a computer

(RAM,CPU,GPU,HDD,CASE,MOBO,PSU) you can also add a ssd if you want.

What do i put in first?

Install CPU,RAM, then CPU fan, put in PSU (power supply),put in IO shield for the motherboard, screw motherboard down,install HDD(and or) SSD,connect power supply,front panel and USB connections to mobo. Install your GPU.

Ill show you what all the main parts are in a computer

This is what a CPU would normally look like.

This is a GPU

This is RAM, these are in all computers

This is a psu